About the Nashville Chapter


Nashville – Athens of the South

Since 1955, the Nashville chapter of the Women’s National Book Association has been promoting reading, supporting literacy, and advancing the role of women in the community of the book. We offer informative programs and networking opportunities from September through May, a book discussion group that meets five times a year, the Willlodene Scott Summer Reading Series in partnership with Lipscomb University, and various charitable and outreach activities

WNBA welcomes women and men who share our love for books and our interest in the book world. Many of our members work in the book industry as publishers, authors, agents, editors, librarians, booksellers, or production and marketing specialists. Others simply love books. We invite you to visit one of our meetings to see what WNBA has to offer and encourage you to become a member of our dynamic organization. Check out the Programs/Events tab for information on upcoming events and chapter activities.

The original WNBA – the Women’s National Book Association – was established in 1917, before women in America even had the right to vote. WNBA is a vibrant national organization. There are chapters in ten cities, individual network members across the country, numerous corporate sustaining members, and chapter honorary members in the world of books and beyond. WNBA is a broad-based nonprofit organization with some 800 members across the country, three distinguished national awards, and a history of lively events in chapter cities and elsewhere.